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JSW MI Business

JSW MI is in the business of providing world class steel processing services to its customers. As a joint venture, JSW MI is the confluence of two business philosophies and synergies, Indian and Japanese. With an organizational belief that skilled manpower is the backbone of our business, combined with modern technology, latest systems and state-of-the-art equipment, we endeavor to provide customer delight in our services. Key steel processing services offered by JSW MI are Slitting, Cut-to-Length, Trapezoidal blanks and Customized packing. With a wide range of products and services portfolio, JSW MI serves Automotive, Home Appliances, Electrical steel and General engineering segments.

Pune Plant

The plant in Pune became operational in March 2015 equipped with a state-of-the-art Slitter and 3 CTL (Cut to Length) lines to process flat rolled steel products such as HRPO, CR and Coated products.

Palwal Plant

The plant in Palwal became operational in May 2018 equipped with a state-of-the-art Slitter and 2 CTL (Cut to Length) lines to process flat rolled steel products such as HRPO, CRCA, Electrical Steel and Coated products.


The Supplier Excellence Award recognizes commitment towards customer service in addition to the best social & environmental practices. JSW MI Steel has been awarded as “Best Debut Supplier” for its performance and ease of doing business with its esteemed customers.


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