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Life at JSW MI

We, JSW MI Steel, are recognized as a leading steel service organization in our country. We are driven by company’s core values which believe in constant learning that involves innovative challenges, which leads to a charged atmosphere encouraging you to always outdo your previous best. This vibrant mindset creates a joyful & learning environment for our employees. We accept as true with that a healthful employee is a happy employee and a productive worker. If each one owns up our health dreams, that’s how as a team we get fit!

Gone are the days when people used to “Hire for attitude and train for skill”. We are hiring innovative and strategic mind-set which has taken the forefront. The support of senior management inspires the employees to give their best and come up with new ideas which makes us a strategic team.

At every step of our personal careers, we invest in them and make sure their interests remain targeted as a long-term goal and intently aligned with those of our clients and shareholders. Our overall performance-orientated culture ensures that we reward and recognize our employees.

Our desires are to maximize everyone’s capacity, business effectiveness, enhance the firm’s subculture, increase our people’s professional possibilities and assist them to contribute to the community. That’s how “we think beyond just business or our customers”.

We strive to positively impact the lives of our business associates, our customers, our employees, the communities that we serve and the locations that we operate in. We are looking forward to make this journey bigger with lots of new initiatives and through making new footholds as new plants in several parts of our country.

Learning & Development

At JSW MI Steel, we all are involved in a constant, on-going process of learning and development. It happens constantly through our working culture & training practices. We believe in building leaders through simulative, transformative and innovative training practices. It also envisions in developing experiences with blended learning frameworks and also collaborates with team coaching and mentoring simulations. With the help of our internal / external trainers and by joining hands with the JSW Learning Academy initiative, we encourage our employees to learn and lead the organization with their managerial & technical skill sets. The JSW Learning academy enables more than 100 courses and learning modules aligned with the KRAs of employees to bring rich experience of learning and productivity.

The idea is all about building, transforming and giving back. We give a platform to the students as the part of industrial training which gives them chance to showcase their talent.

Every act of ours is centered around building something new or bettering something that already exists. We ensure that employees are sensitized and possess knowledge of steel industry and industrial realities. We learn of our strength & weaknesses, our limits & capacities and our habits & values.

“We are center of excellence that houses torchbearers and leaders of the future.”

JSW MI steel & JSW Foundation endeavors to provide learning opportunities to our society’s young and bright minds through National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) approved certification programs. The main objective of this training program is to develop high-level skills in the domain area with process-driven skills development training and also make them self-reliant.

Current Openings

Currently no job offers available.

Summer Internships & Industrial Training

JSW MI always endeavors to provide learning opportunities to the young and bright minds of our society through its industrial training & management internship programs.

To cater to the learners and to create a bridge between academic modules, we have developed numerous learning modules and learning paths for the interns including on-job training & classroom training, live projects and video based modules.

Taking this into account, we have offered the platform to more than 100 students who come from local technical institutions or management colleges from all over the country. During this training, they experience knowledge of various materials, processes, products and their applications along with relevant aspects of the manufacturing industry.

We invite applications from various institutes for an internship of 6-8 weeks duration and the candidates are offered projects on the basis of their previous academics and skills. Our ultimate goal of this training is to make the learners ready for stepping into the corporate & industrial world.

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Employee Speak

At JSW MI, it’s been more than a year working. JSW MI provides us a conducive and employee-friendly work environment, which helps the employee to give quality work. In terms of career growth also it provides the best platform to enhance knowledge and skills. I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with the organization and look forward to being a part of this organization for a long time to come.

Mr. Lalit Rinwa|

Assistant Manager - Finance & Accounts

I am associated with JSW MI since the project stage i.e year 2014. I feel very proud to be part of JSW MI as a world-class service center facility. At JSW MI safety culture is integrated within an organizational culture that provides a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values, and attitudes. The management team is very much committed, serious & regards employees' health and safety. JSW MI is a great example of a positive safety culture that can result in improved workplace health, safety and productivity to achieve desired organizational performance.

Mr. Sanjay Gawade|

Manager - Safety

I feel great to be a part of one of the biggest manufacturers of steel in India. The development opportunities and the variety of work have kept me enthusiastic. The organization provides young talent with real responsibility in diverse settings & values our opinion & suggestions. The culture & ethos of the company creates a drive inside you to achieve beyond what you previous thought was impossible. The drive, coupled with the guidance & wisdom of our leaders, has led me to gain knowledge & exposure in a multitude of fields in very short span of time.

Mrs. Aradhana Pathak|

Officer - HR & Admin

I consider myself lucky to have started my career with one of the biggest steel giants in India. The last 8 years have been enriching in honing technical and managerial skills & also personal growth. The responsibility bestowed upon by the management imparts a sense of ownership and will to succeed against all odd. There is an imbibed culture within the organization towards “KAIZEN” which makes you think about each activity of yours and to come up with the ways to perform better. The HR policies of the company are among the best in the industry, coupled with various technical & functional trainings lending the necessary competencies to excel in professional as well as personal life. JSW MI provided a supportive environment wherein the seniors across the verticals are easily accessible, in an open office set-up. A great mix of Japanese management systems coupled with Indian values system motivates us to exceed targets with creative solutions, while keeping customer at the center of each decision.

Mr. Shorya Sharma |

Assistant Manager - Maintenance, Palwal

For me the last 5 years have been truly recreating experience. I have always been given the opportunity to speak and with glaring empowerment to implement ideas. Feel very proud to be associated with this organization. Truly a rewarding experience for me.

Mr. Saurabh Kumar |

Assitant Manager – Operations, Pune

It's said, if you want to build a culture of high performance, start by taking a look at your office environment. It matters more than you may realize. JSW MI gives us such environment to work freely. We have a strong employee bonding, good work culture. One can enhance her or his skills through the learning process of the work culture if he/she wants to do the same. Its work culture helps the employee to do Smart & Hard work. The management treat you as an Entrepreneur and not an employee. Hence, it’s a place for those who want to be self-driven. I am happy to be a part of this organization. Best Wishes for “JSW MI”.

Mr. Vikram Nandanwar|

Jr. Manager - Maintenance, Pune

I am with the JSW group since 2007 and with JSW MI since its inception. The reason for being with JSW and JSW MI for such a long period is the sense of ownership and belongingness given by the organization. It is a proud feeling that you are a part of one of the biggest Steelmakers in the world. JSW MI's culture, ethics, and safety is incomparable with any of the others. JSW MI empowers you to achieve your goals along with the goals and growth of the organization. JSW MI owes a lot to the talent in you.

Mr. Nitin Palwe|

Manager - Commercial & Stores
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