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JSW MI Management

Mr. Sanjay Jayram


Mr. Miki Yusuke

Joint Managing Director

Mr. Atish Maheshwari

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Manoj Harkare

National Head - Commercial Sales & Marketing

Mr. Sunil Sharma

National Head - HR & Administration

Mr. Raman Khanna

National Head - Strategy & TQM (MIIP Representative)

Mr. Vivek Kasture

Plant Head - Pune Plant

Mr. Avnish Jindal

Plant Head - Palwal Plant


The JSW MI Team is an empowered team of professionals. High on skills as well as professionalism, the Team is geared up to meet the challenges of a competitive, dynamic and fast globalizing market. Identifying to the fullest with the business goals, approach and policies of JSW MI, the Team moves together as one cohesive unit, working towards a clear common goal.

The Team comprises of workers, supervisors, engineers, functional staff, support staff and domain experts in marketing. The Team is well equipped with in-depth job knowledge & skills, is highly system oriented, well trained and well attuned to market dynamics. Delivering high quality products & services that result in a high level of customer service and satisfaction, the Team is continuously upgrading its skill levels through various programs conducted by & at JSW MI.

The JSW MI Team is also empowered with significant Social Quotients and contribute efficiently to all CSR initiatives of the Company.

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