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Slitting is a metal manufacturing process which is used to cut a wide coil of metal into a number of narrower coils. The wide coils are moved through extremely sharp circular knives, making the cuts. These knives can be arranged in a sequence to make narrower coils of different widths as per the requirement.


At Pune plant: (0.6 – 6.5 mm) X 1870 mm width (TS up to 1180Mpa)

At Palwal plant: (0.25 - 3.2 mm) X 1870 mm width (TS up to 980Mpa)


At Pune plant: 180,000 MT/year

At Palwal plant: 120,000 MT/year

Special Features

Spare slitter head for offline setup, shimless tooling and vertical scrap winders

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