5 Facts of steel you need to know

When working with steel it is important for you to understand what you are into and why steel is such a good choice. JSWMI is in the business of providing world-class steel processing services to its customers. As a joint venture, JSWMI is the confluence of two business philosophies and synergies, Indian and Japanese. With an organizational belief that skilled manpower is the backbone of our business, combined with modern technology, latest systems, and state-of-the-art equipment, we endeavor to provide customer delight in our services. Here are 5 interesting facts about steel that you need to know.

  • Stronger than iron:

This seems almost unbelievable when you know that steel is an alloy consisting mainly of iron but it is true that steel is 1000 times stronger than iron. Steel is extremely strong and hence used in many things as a protective layer. Even after being recycled the steel does lose its properties or its strength.

  • It is recyclable:

Almost 60% or more steel is recycled and reused making it the most recycled thing in the world. Steel does not lose its properties and hence can be recycled. This also is a benefit for the environment. The steel can me smelted and reused.

  • High adaptability:

Steel is highly adaptive which means it has many versatile uses. It can also be easily formed and hence it a preference for many architects and engineers. They can literally form steel in any size, shape or span of length imaginable.

  • Extremely safe option:

Steel is so versatile and safe that is used in many industries like construction, automotive and transportation, energy, machinery, and packaging but did you know that it is also an extremely safe option for food packaging. It is tamper-free and you can be sure that the food packed inside steel remains fresh, nutritional, and safe.

As a leader in India’s steel industry, we believe it is our responsibility to improve and upgrade the quality of construction in the country. For the best quality production of stainless steel, galvanized steel, electrical steel, cut to length line steel contact JSWMI.

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